Why feeling good needs to be your priority?


So, how many of us regularly try to avoid feeling our true feelings in order to avoid making ourselves or others uncomfortable?

Most of us.

And how many of us actually stay mindful of, acknowledge and honour our true feelings?

Very few of us. (It’s a no brainer.)

And why not, now for centuries we have been told that emotions and feelings are dangerous stuff, that it doesn’t allow us to think clearly and logically, and that they aren’t worthy of being acknowledged and honoured. So we were told to learn to control and deny our emotions. The result is a society where most of us no longer are in touch with our true feelings. So what’s the big deal about being in touch with our true feelings, you ask? Our feelings and emotions are our body’s medium of showing us our true north. How we feel about something tells us if we are heading in our right direction or not. When we feel anxious, fearful or angry, it’s our body telling us that the situation or the way we perceive the situation needs to change. When we feel happy and joyous, it’s telling us we are on the right track and so to keep doing what we are doing. So, dissociating from our emotions is like locking away our brilliant compass and completely forgetting that we have one, and then being helplessly lost in the middle of the ocean having nothing to show us our way back home. Sounds really sad right? I agree. But, the good news is, as you are reading this you are remembering.

It would also be helpful to think in Law of Attraction terms. Feelings play such an important role in creating what we desire. Law of attraction states that like attracts like. Anger attracts more opportunities to be angry. Fear attracts more opportunities to be fearful. Sadness attracts more opportunities to be sad. And similarly, love attracts more opportunities to feel love. Gratitude attracts more opportunities to be grateful. Joy attracts more opportunities to be joyous. So, if you want more opportunities or experiences that feel good you need to make feeling good now, your priority.

But, that’s not it. There are more reasons for us to make effort and ensure that we feel good.

How we feel affects how we interact with people and that effects our relationships, all kinds – personal as well as work. When we feel good our interaction with others makes them feel better and that not only makes us more attractive to them but also we exchange more love. And the exchange multiplies our feeling good.

How we feel affects our creativity. When we feel good the channels to receive creative ideas and inspirations open and stay that way. This also assists us in creative problem solving.

How we feel affects our productivity. When we feel happy, we think clearly as well as creatively. And we put joy into doing what we are doing.

And, in the end, because feeling good in itself feels damn good, that should be a reason enough for us to deliberately create opportunities to feel good.

(Stay tuned. In my next blog post I will share easy and fun ways for you to help yourself feel good.)



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