Tune into “your” heaven.

Heaven is not a place out there. Some place other than earth. Heaven is not some place on the earth. Heaven is not a PLACE at all. Heaven is a feeling. You are experiencing heaven when you are feeling grateful. When you are soaking your self in the beauty of nature. When you are feeling loved. When you are being love. Heaven is connecting with your true self. It is your true self connecting with the true self of another human being. It is knowing that everything is happening for you. It is the sense of joy andĀ fulfilment. Heaven is knowing that you, the true you, and “the creator” are one and the same.
But most importantly heaven is a choice. You can chose to experience heaven right now, even in the midst of chaos. All you need to do is “remember” that no situation – outer or inner – is permanent. And that you have the power to choose a different feeling right now. So, right here right now, tune into “your” heaven.

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