Stop trying to be like “her”.

Stop trying to be like “her”. You don’t have to be like “her”! By “her” I mean someone whom you really really really admire; love; idealize! True she has got what you want to have or be. Might be “she” is someone who is loved in her relationship just like you wished you were. Might be your “she” is someone who you find extraordinary in her work. May be “she” is someone who is a rich and powerful women. Might be a perfect mother. Or even a perfect housewife. Now, wanting what she has is not a problem at all. But thinking you have to become her to have “it” definitely is. And let me tell you it is so easy to get into thinking and believing that, that you might not even be consciously aware of it. Sneaky, isn’t it?!

The thing is universe is really creative and doesn’t believe in creating photocopies. Everyone of us is a single piece. There is a reason you are like “you”. Trying to become like her,  is plain disrespectful to the awesomeness that you are. It is like saying that who you really are is – NOT NEEDED. NOT WORTHY. NOT BEAUTIFUL. What can be of more disservice to yourself and the world than believing in this lie?!

So, come on! Do yourself and world a favor. Want what you want, but, while being 110% you. Weird. Different. Unique. And still, always worthy!


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