Self-love, the verb.

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The idea of self love is all rage now a days. And yes it true that the self-love is the key to all love, health and abundance you want to experience in your life. And yes it is also true that self-love starts with “feeling” unconditional love for yourself without any ifs and buts. But equally true is, that eventually self-love should translate in “actions” based in love. So today I have 10 easy yet powerful ideas to help you get started.

1. Replace one product that is not organic and loaded with chemicals.

2. Stop following people, pages and groups, on Facebook, with messages that are not loving or that doesn’t make you feel good.

You can do this by going to  right most tab on the top right of the facebook; and then click on “news feed preferences” in the drop-down menu. From here you can unfollow people, pages and groups that you don’t want in your news feed. Note: this won’t unfriend them, you just stop seeing their post in your feed.

3. Make some time to connect with your inner-self. Meditate. Journal. Pray. Take a walk in nature.

4. Chuck out one outfit from your closet which doesn’t make you feel good.

5. Make some time to get a picture of how your best life looks like. Give your self permission, just for now, to be true to yourself about your deepest desires.

6. Make a list of all your wishes and desires. Now which are the three desires that mean the most to you. Or which are the three desires that when comes true will contribute most to your happiness. Make time everyday to tune into these desires. Visualize them coming true. Pray for them. And see what actions you can take to move closer to them.

7. Go for a date with yourself – dress yourself up in a way true to you, select a location of your choice, take yourself there and spend some time knowing and loving yourself.

8. Make one small change in your lifestyle that would make you one step closer to a healthier you. Example- sleep on time, get enough sleep, or choose to have  at least one healthy balance meal a day.

9. Say “no” to one thing in your life that doesn’t nourish your soul.

10. Spend more time with people with whom you feel loved and less time with people with whom you feel drained.

What are the self-loving actions that you already practice in your life? How has it helped you? And which ones of the above 10 ideas would you like to start practising?


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