On Forgiveness…

Forgiveness is NOT about pretending that everything is OK. That as if there is nothing that needs to be forgiven.
Forgiveness is NOT about numbing yourself to the hurt caused to you.
Forgiveness is NOT saying that it is OK for someone to hurt you.

Forgiveness IS about deep healing.
Forgiveness IS realizing that might be you too had a role to play.
Forgiveness IS asking – is there a lesson my soul wants me to learn?
Forgiveness IS about non-judgement … About realizing that no one here is “perfect” and that it not just OK but also perfect to be imperfect.
Forgiveness IS about realising that everything in our life is happening FOR us.
Forgiveness IS about willing to move towards feeling unconditional love for the one you are forgiving.

But you ask – HOW do I forgive?
Start by WILLING to forgive.
Pray for strength to forgive.
Pray for helping you see clearly and with compassion.
Pray for healing your hurt and your heart.
Bless yourself and the one you are forgiving, with love and healing.
See that it possible for both of you to be happy and at peace, for in the eyes of the universe or God or by whatever name you call that higher power, we can do nothing to be any less worthy and deserving.


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