“NOW” and the infinite possibilities

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Our minds make us believe that time is linear. They make us believe that there is a past, a present and a future. However, the idea that the time is linear, is an illusion. But, this illusion has a purpose: to record various past experiences so that we become clear about what feels good and what does not. And this clarity helps us focus on and create experiences we desire.

The flip side, though, is that when we are unable to see the past as a collection of individual experiences, and instead we see each experience as something that shapes and defines us, we limit ourselves and are at the mercy of our past. Similarly, illusion of the future as an extension of our past and present limits our imagination and our power to create. This is so because, the illusion leads to, our brain only coming up with the limited future possibilities that are available to us, based on our perception of the so-called past and present.

Let’s take an example. What do you think the career and life possibilities were for a black woman back in 1954? What would a young black girl dream for her life based on her environment, back then?

Yes, that’s right – I am hinting at Oprah Winfrey.

In her own words:

“The opportunities for a girl born black in Mississippi in 1954 were limited. You could teach in a segregated school. Or be a maid. A cook. A dishwasher. A servant.”

But then she says, “I never thought that would be the life for me.”

 Now, I don’t personally know how Oprah believed in her big dreams without any evidence for possibility of those dreams coming true, but I imagine she somewhere knew that her present circumstances doesn’t stop her from creating a life she desired. But, what if seeing things in that manner doesn’t come naturally to you? What should you do if your past and present feel so true, so concrete, that you find it is nearly impossible to move beyond that?

This is what you can do: 

1. Remind yourself that this is an illusion

The stories from our past and present have the power to hold us back only because we “think” they determine who we are and what we can expect to achieve in our lives. Every time you catch yourself believing in this illusion, remind yourself that this is an illusion.

2. Use the power of your right-brain.

Our logical mind determines our future possibilities based on our past and current trends, and so, it can come up with only a few out of the unlimited possibilities available for us. I am sure, by now, you can see how flawed our mind’s way is? But, this is exactly where our creative-right-brain comes to our rescue. Our right brain doesn’t believe in limitations. It can dream up situations and experiences that have never been before. And what we can dream, we can create.

List down all the different areas of your life: career, money, fame, romantic life, kids, creativity, support, health, travel, etc. What kinds of experiences would you desire, in each of those areas, if anything could come true? Let your imagination loose. Write down about your desired experiences without editing your thoughts or worrying about whether they can really come true. You can also collect images or draw the pictures related with your desires. The point is to practice dreaming big and have fun while doing it.

3. Make use of the power of affirmations.

Affirmations help us move from our unhelpful stories to new beliefs that help us create what we desire.

Use the affirmation below or create your own.

Even though it feels so logical that my past affects my present and my future, in truth this belief is just an illusion.

I now release all my past and present limitations AND create a new reality based entirely on my true desires.


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