Taking risks. Fear. Leap of faith.

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I am big on following our intuition and our body’s guidance, especially when we need to make decisions or choices. To tune into this guidance all we need to do is focus on one path, or one option and then notice deeply the sensations and feelings in our body. Do the same for the other options and then compare which choice makes you feel most joyous or feels like a 110% yes!.That is the one you should go for. Easy.

But sometimes, it is not so simple. Sometimes a path might feel right and still you might feel a resistance. Which means not a 100% yes.

When I was a child, I developed this deep fear of public speaking from some bad experiences I had at my school. And the fear stayed with me for good 20 plus years, that is until recently. Hmmm! I had never wanted to do anything that even closely resembled public speaking. Forget about  making it a part of how I would want to serve the world. But one year back, all that changed. I was watching a TED talk, I don’t exactly remember which one, but I do remember feeling inspired. And I do remember picturing myself standing in front of huge audience and serving with my talk, SOMEDAY. When I came back to my senses, I found this fantasy of speaking in front of an audience funny. After all, the best thing I loved about being a life coach was, that I could do what I not just loved doing the most but also stay in my comfort zone – that is working with my clients just one-on-one.

But Universe/ my Higher-Self / God had a different plan for me. Weeks passed, but the image of me doing public speaking remained. I could feel in my body this strange call for stepping out of my comfort zone. But in my body I could also feel the fear – fear of public speaking, of failing and of embarrassing myself. It was not 100% yes. I tuned into my body again and asked myself WHAT IF I could actually, go on the stage, share my message, feel at home on the stage, connected with my inner power all the while. What if? Just what if! And it was a YES YES YES, from my body. That was it. That moment, I knew that it was a calling and I need to answer it. That this was not a risk that I would take but a leap of faith.

But before I could go on the stage and do it, I needed to do lots of self coaching and healing, and also needed someone to help me in this journey. I would like to stress that stepping out of our comfort zone always requires great deal of courage and therefore it very essential to love ourselves in the process and get whatever help we need. What followed was lots of self coaching, forgiveness and energy healing; and support from one of the very compassionate and effective public speaking coaches, Tricia Karp. Finally, one year from the first time I visualized myself speaking on the stage, I spoke for the first time ever at a public speaking event. I spoke from my heart. I shared one of my stories, a very significant one on my path of spiritual quest and self-discovery. And let me tell you, I am so glad that I listened to my inner guidance.  This journey has filled me with deeper faith in life and divine support.


When you feel being called to do something, take a leap of faith and just go for it. Even though your logical mind can’t see where this will take you, trust that there is nothing more risk-free and safe than saying yes to the callings of your soul.

You might like to watch my public speaking video, below.

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  • Tulika Dayal
    Posted at 00:39h, 07 July Reply

    This is so inspiring! Woah!! This reminds me of my coaching session with you long back… when I had asked what one is supposed to do when one is scared and you replied gently that, “then get scared, acknowledge the feeling rather than suppressing or panicking… because it’s okay to be scared and continue with whatever you want to pursue.” 🙂

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