Go with the flow (and 2 powerful tips to do that)

We have systems like astrology and numerology and then we have different divination tools like tarot cards, angel cards etc. This definitely tells that we humans are curious creatures and love to know about what’s going to happen next. We want answer to our questions like – What will be the state of my finances? How is my family life going to be? How is my health going to be?. But, that’s not the whole, or even real purpose of these tools. The real purpose is “guidance”. You can use these tools to learn the general flow of energy in your life. So that instead of going up-stream you can go with the flow and make best use of your time, energy and opportunities. And this exactly is one of the biggest lessons I learned during the last year (2014).

Last year was a year of “letting go”, for me. Doing new things, starting new projects, networking and socializing was like completely going against the flow. Whereas, making time for introspection, forgiving, releasing the old, de-cluttering and doing other similar things was making perfect use of my time. I decided to make use of the energy and I must say I did a great job de-cluttering at all levels – physical, mental and spiritual. I meditated. And spent most of my last year in hermit mode. And though on the outside everything looked stagnant, it knew I was making progress by leaps and bounds on the inside. But being a mere mortal, I did go off the track. And I did try to push my way forward. But, it didn’t work. Going against the flow never ever works. Never ever never. But the best part is that you do not even require to be perfect at it. The key is to gently get yourself back on the track every single  time you go astray.

Now my 2 powerful tips:

Tip 1

So, how does one determine the flow? Well again, you can get yourself a numerology or astrology or even tarot reading done. Another way, and again very effective way, is to become aware of how your body reacts to different options. Just for the sometime, let go of the outside pressure of what you or other people around you, think you should do. Or you shouldn’t do for that matter. Tune into you body and see what feels good. Personally, I refer to my numerology chart to check what are the energies effecting me during a particular month and I refer to my body multiple times a day. And it works beautifully for me.

Tip 2

Even when you are aware and willing to align your efforts to the direction of flow, there are bound to be obstacles and resistance in form of limiting thoughts and painful stories. What you need to do is become aware of them and replace them with a corresponding positive thought and use it as an affirmation.

So now its your turn. I would love listen to your comments, feedback and personal stories.
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