15 ways to help yourself feel good.

Feeling good is the key to letting the best unfold. When you feel good you elevate your whole being to a higher frequency and you become a magnet to more opportunities to feel good. So, if you like to have fun with law of attraction, just like I do, …

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Why feeling good needs to be your priority?

So, how many of us regularly try to avoid feeling our true feelings in order to avoid making ourselves or others uncomfortable?

Most of us.

And how many of us actually stay mindful of, acknowledge and honour our true feelings?

Very few of us. (It’s a no brainer.)

And why not, now for centuries we have been told that …

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Knowing your inner-victim, to discover the hero you already are

Meet your inner-victim.

The inner-victim represents our stories of helplessness and powerlessness – the stories that keep us stuck in a situation, the stories of fear and the stories of blame. Look closely at your own life and you find the image of your inner-victim in your experiences where you have felt …

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How to get in touch with your innate self-worth

Self-worth doesn’t come from chasing society’s idea or even your idea of what being worthy looks like. It comes from shedding off those ideas. Because beneath those ideas is the REAL, EVER-WORTHY YOU, waiting eagerly to be discovered.

An exercise to get in touch with your innate self-worth:

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How to create a new way of being?

It is always helpful to prove the unhelpful-beliefs wrong. Turn around your original painful belief into one that’s empowering. Now, come up with as many evidences as you can to support this new empowering belief. This exercise will automatically make your brain realize that after all, the original thought was not the “truth”. And as the brain realizes this, …..

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Just a prayer away

Our minds make us believe that time is linear. Whenever you feel lost or confused know that all the guidance, inspiration or help you need is just a prayer away. Ask for what you need. And then, keep your eyes, ears and heart open so that you can recognize and receive when it has arrived.

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“Now” and the infinite possibilities

Our minds make us believe that time is linear. They make us believe that there is a past, a present and a future. However, the idea that the time is linear, is an illusion. But, this illusion has a purpose: to record various past experiences so that we become clear about what feels good and what does not. And this clarity helps us focus on and create experiences we desire.

The flip side, though, is

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What has being present to do with self love?

In today’s world we have completely lost touch with the art of being completely present. We are physically at one place and time whereas mentally we are in some different place and time. Or even worse we are nowhere, which is we are engaged in some activity or the other that serves to numb us. Activities like – eating mindlessly, over-watching TV, over-sleeping, mindless shopping, surfing Internet for hours to kill time; because if we don’t, who knows we would be consumed by some depressing boredom. We are scared of boredom. Only that, what looks like boredom on the outside is actually our subconscious attempt to numb some kind of deep uncomfortable feeling. Can you now see what’s happening here and what opportunity lies beneath all this?

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Self-Love, the verb.

The idea of self love is all rage now a days. And yes it true that the self-love is the key to all love, health and abundance you want to experience in your life. And yes it is also true that self-love starts with “feeling” unconditional love for yourself without any ifs and buts. But equally true is, that eventually self-love should translate in “actions” based in love. So today I have 10 easy yet powerful ideas to help you get started.

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Taking risks. Fear. Leap of faith.

I am big on following our intuition and our body’s guidance, especially when we need to make decisions or choices. To tune into this guidance all we need to do is focus on one path, or one option and then notice deeply the sensations and feelings in our body. Do the same for the other options and then compare which choice makes you feel most joyous or feels like a 110% yes!.That is the one you should go for. Easy.

But sometimes, it is not so simple. Sometimes a path might feel right and still you might feel a resistance. Which means not a 100% yes.

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On Forgiveness…

Forgiveness is NOT about pretending that everything is OK. That as if there is nothing that needs to be forgiven.
Forgiveness is NOT about numbing yourself to the hurt caused to you.
Forgiveness is NOT saying that it is OK for someone to hurt you.

Forgiveness IS about deep healing.
Forgiveness IS realizing that might be you too had a role to play.

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Tune into “your” heaven.

Heaven is not a place out there. Some place other than earth. Heaven is not some place on the earth. Heaven is not a PLACE at all. Heaven is a feeling. You are experiencing heaven when you are feeling grateful. When you are soaking your self in the beauty of nature. When you are feeling loved. When you are being love. Heaven is connecting with your true self. It is your true self connecting with the true self of another human being. It is knowing that everything is happening for you. It is the sense of joy and fulfilment.

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Stop trying to be like “her”.

Stop trying to be like “her”. You don’t have to be like “her”! By “her” I mean someone whom you really really really admire; love; idealize! True she has got what you want to have or be. Might be “she” is someone who is loved in her relationship just like you wished you were. Might be your “she” is someone who you find extraordinary in her work. May be “she” is someone who is a rich and powerful women. Might be a perfect mother. Or even a perfect housewife. Now, wanting what she has is not a problem at all. But thinking you have to become her to have “it” definitely is. And let me tell you it is so easy to get into thinking and believing that, that you might not even be consciously aware of it. Sneaky, isn’t it?!

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Go with the flow (and 2 powerful tips to do that)

We have systems like astrology and numerology and then we have different divination tools like tarot cards, angel cards etc. This definitely tells that we humans are curious creatures and love to know about what’s going to happen next. We want answer to our questions like – What will be the state of my finances? How is my family life going to be? How is my health going to be?. But, that’s not the whole, or even real purpose of these tools. The real purpose is “guidance”. You can use these tools to learn the general flow of energy in your life. So that instead of going up-stream you can go with the flow and make best use of your time, energy and opportunities. And this exactly is one of the biggest lessons I learned during the last year (2014).

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