“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

– Howard Thurman

This work – helping people create their best lives – is exactly what makes me come alive. It is my passion and my zone of genius.

I effortlessly see where my clients are losing their personal power and peace, and I help them reclaim it.

My mission is to help you make peace with “what is” and from there, create a life and relationships you desire.


Random Stuff About Me

– I believe that we are all powerful beings capable of creating what we truly desire.

– I believe that our bodies are wise and faithful guides.

– I love reading books on mind-body healing, spirituality and self-help.

– I feel that my life is blessed with the best people I call my family.

– My grandmother is a shaman. I grew up around people practicing woo-woo stuff long before it became cool.

– Meditation and connecting with nature is an essential part of my daily life.

– My favourite drink is fresh orange juice with a bit of ginger in it.

– I self-coach on a daily basis.

– I love creative-cooking and painting.

– I am a lacto-vegan.

– I love crystals, animals, nature, colourful flowers, good food, bright colours, jewellery and dark chocolate.

– I believe in angels, fairies and devas.

– I read and pray every night before going to bed.


“After consulting with Renuka about my foot pain, she lovingly and gently helped me work through the root issues. I was quickly able to see how my thoughts and feelings were involved in the pain I was experiencing. My foot began to feel better almost immediately. Renuka has gift for this kind of work.” – Izzy