15 ways to help yourself feel good.


Feeling good is the key to letting the best unfold. When you feel good you elevate your whole being to a higher frequency and you become a magnet to more opportunities to feel good. So, if you like to have fun with law of attraction, just like I do, remember to deliberately help yourself towards feeling good.

Here are some ideas to help you:

1. Count your blessings. Help your brain see all the ways in which your life is already blessed. If you are thinking that you have nothing to feel blessed for, start with counting simple blessings like these– gift of being alive, air to breathe, water to quench your thirst, food to nourish your body, roof over your head. Count even the smallest of the blessings. 

2. Move your body. Go take a walk. Or do some stretching or spot jogging. Or join your local gym or take a yoga class. Basically, move your body and ensure that you have fun doing it.

3.  Open your windows and let your living / working space fill with lots of light and fresh air.

4.  Do some quick decluttering and/ or organizing around you. The physical spaces where you spend your time most affects your emotional state. So having your space clean and organized definitely helps you feel good.

5.  Take a warm shower. A nice warm shower after a long day feels so relaxing. Doesn’t it? 🙂

6.  Give and receive a hug. It engages our heart chakra and soaks our whole being in the vibration of love. <3 

7.  Connect with your friends. As humans are social animals, when we spend time and connect with people we love we feel happier.

8.  Keep yourself hydrated. Around 78% of our body is made up of water and it plays an important role in carrying out various functions at bodily as well as cellular level. So when you are adequately hydrated your body knows that all is well.

9.  Wear something that makes you feel happy. I absolutely love how wearing your favourite piece of garment or accessory can instantly uplift your mood. Also, if you own any clothes and accessories that don’t feel good, you might want to get rid of them.

10.  Engage in something creative – cooking, painting, writing. (Choose something different to what you do for a living so that it feels light and fun.) I love making time for creativity and engaging in it. Painting and cooking are my personal favourites. See what would work best for you and make time for it. 

11.  Spend time in nature – take a walk outdoors, or even better, take a walk barefoot; swim in the sea; count the stars; soak yourself in the sunlight or in the moonlight depending on the time of the day; or just go hug a tree.

12.  Engage in play, be a child again – color, doodle, play with your kids or with your pets. My personal favourite is playing with my dog, Joy and yes he is a boy. 🙂

13.  Day dream about your best life. Our mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination. When you imagine experiencing something that makes you happy, your brain thinks that you are experiencing it in reality and your body starts secreting the happy hormones.

14.  Do something that uplifts your senses. Like light a candle; or rub some essential oil on your wrists and sniff it; or listen to some nice classical music (Mozart, Bach); or anything else that uplifts your senses. 

15.  Look into the mirror and smile at yourself. When you feel good you automatically smile more but vice versa is also true – the more you smile the more you feel good. So smile. Smile with your full face. 

Now, why not choose 3 ideas that you loved the most, from the above list, and start including it in your daily practice? 🙂 



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